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First Feedback from Ossie's New Family 2nd May 11

Hi June!
Well, what a good boy Ossie is! He settled so quickly, he didn't eat much but found his water bowl and drank well and he certainly enjoyed one of your chews through the evening. ALL his wees were on the garden (which he loves!) we took him out as per instructions and he practically asked the last time - and then a poo half an hour after the bit of his last meal he ate! He absolutely loves his bed (and his toys) and climbed in to sleep on and off through the evening, so we put the whole bed into the crate when we went to bed around 1.30. He settled really well again, listened for cries but nothing so went to sleep. I got up just before 6 and he only started crying when he heard me moving, there was just one puddle! Took him straight onto garden, no fussing, told him to wee wee and he did! Then breakfast which he showed interest in and ate half. Half an hour later an onto garden, kept saying get busy - and he did! A bit of play then back to his bed (back in front room) and a good snooze. He's just having a big dream! Sorry for going on, but we're both just so thrilled!
Thank you so much, pics later
John and Pamela