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First Feedback from Tinka's New Family 7th May 11

We thought that you might like an update on Ziggy's beautiful puppy. We have decided to call her Tinka - not a name that was on our shortlist but just one that came to us and the only one that we could all agree on! Tinka seems to have settled into our household beautifully; she loves the garden and sometimes just sits there listening to the sounds; she has seen the sheep through the fence and was appropriately wary.

Tinka has accepted her cage without any hassle and wanders in and out happily; she heads straight for it when she is ready for a sleep. So far, we have not had any problems at night - she generally quietens down early evening, then wakes up a bit in time for her late feed. When we go to bed, she settles without a fuss and is silent until she starts yelling at about 5:45 - a very good start, we think. She has not been eating brilliantly (definitely less than on your sheet) but it is improving; she has been a bit reluctant to eat out of the bowl but is taking it from a hand or if we take out a few pieces and put them on the floor. I imagine that it is a bit strange not having all the hustle and bustle of her brothers and sisters and I am pleased that she is eating a bit more. I'm sure that the bowl thing will sort itself out.

We have noticed now that Tinka is starting to ask to be let out when she needs to - a very subtle little squeak - and she has started having the occasional "mad 5 minutes" that puppies seem to have (a sign, we feel, that she is feeling at home). We have introduced the clicker and she is responding to that.

We would like to thank you for giving Tinka such a good start; she is calm, relaxed and able to take new things in her stride.